Submit to Disaster Mag: The Unemployment Issue

The pandemic has so many of us laid off, furloughed, unable to find work, underemployed, moving back in with parents, taking jobs we’re not interested in, backsliding on career goals, attempting to decouple productivity from worth, and waiting for hours on unemployment hotlines. Our goal is to scavenge for creativity in this crushing and ridiculous moment, then channel it into a print + digital product.

We encourage pitches that focus on the personal or the political or the global or the systemic. Think broadly: We want a data visualization of this mess from an economist, a personal essay about moving back home, a scratched up copy of the doodles you made while on hold, an interview with an organizer from the rent strike movement, a love letter to the hobby you’ve picked up in your new free time.  We welcome cynism and/or enthusiasm about the changing definition of “work” in the current moment. We’re open to new artwork and writing, as well as existing pieces. Also, you don’t have to be unemployed to submit.

We’re also looking for designers and copy editors to join our editorial team. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in helping us bring this issue to life.

Send your pitches and inquiries to by October 10. The Unemployment Issue will be released online + in print in winter 2020. See our previous quarantine cooking-themed zine, Recipes for Disaster, here.