Disaster Mag was founded in April 2020, and as we come up on a year of pandemic life, we’re closing out our zine with a third and final issue, which will reflect on the theme of “Lost and Found.”

In this issue, we’re looking for essays, fiction, poetry, and art that considers what we’ve found during this lost year, and what we’ve lost during this newfound disaster. We encourage pitches about the past and future, as well as the everpresent pandemic.

Some keywords to consider: routine, friend breakups, losing touch, losing hope, “Losing My Grip” by Avril Lavigne, Facetime, grief, searching, “Search Party,” vaccine appointments, sense of taste, buried treasure, Instagram Explore, rediscovered pleasures, restructuring.

Send your pitches and inquiries to by May 5. The Lost & Found Issue will be released online + in print in summer 2021.